Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Black Agnes" - The final resting place of John Hubbard

The final resting place of Montpelier, Vermont resident John Hubbard (1847-1899), is one of Vermonts most sought after "haunted" spots.  The statue on the Hubbard memorial, most commonly referred to as "Black Agnes", is not black, nor is it an Agnes.
John Hubbard, was a Montpelier business man in the late 1800's. He was left a large sum of money by one of his Aunts that was to be used for public projects. Was, to be used.  Less than 10 years later, Hubbard was dead, and left a large portion of his own estate to the town to make a mends. It is said that the night Hubbard died, there was a terrific storm, which may or may not have lead to the legend of "Black Agnes".
It is said that if you sit on the lap of "Agnes", which is actually a statue of a man, wrapped in a shroud, you will have 3 strokes of bad luck. There has been no proof that this is true.  The statue itself is a beautiful, bronze sculpture, by Austrian sculptor Karl Bitter, who did a number of notable memorials and sculptures throughout his lifetime.  The memorial has changed color with the elements and age and is now a greenish tinge, but is still a beautiful tribute to a man that ended up being misunderstood, in my opinion of course, at the end of his life.  Maybe he does haunt the area, sharing his stroke of bad luck with those who wander his memorial. Maybe, it's one of Vermont's best urban legends. I gladly accept personal accounts from others that have been to Hubbards memorial. Please share!!

Hubbard's memorial is located at Green Mount Cemetery on Route 2 in Montpelier, VT.  If you do venture to take in the sites, please be considerate of your surroundings. It is a cemetery. Tread lightly. Thank you.

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